DP Entertainment Worldwide, LLC

Dorn Payne Early Stage, Advisory, & Investments

Combined, William Dorn and Joe Payne have 50 years of professional career experience. We know what it takes to build a great team and grow a successful business. In 2020, after our own equity event, we teamed up again pooling resources to form DP Entertainment Worldwide.

DP provides services, investments, and resources to help ensure the success of early stage investments and supports established businesses run in a more efficient matter and drive more EBIDTA.

Active Investments:

What we do:

Early stage and SMB turn-around/growth advisory services..

We offer select group of investments in companies that we truly believe have the vision, product, solution, differentiation, and leadership to grow viable businesses.

Investments from DP come in the form of human capital and expertise, and in rare circumstance financial investments. Preferred clients typically request time, resource, expertise, and network connections of DP in commitment in exchange for equity.

DP acts as an advisor to the leadership and founders with early strategy, communication, marketing, positioning, funding, partnerships, advisory and staffing challenges.